Mountains of the Imagination

Grand Teton National Park

Visiting Grand Teton National Park is following the call of the wild. Its towering peaks have inspired bold trailblazers, acclaimed artists, tenacious climbers, and humble gazers alike.

Crystal clear lakes, made fresh each year by snowmelt, entice all who meet their shores. It’s a haven to the largest wildlife found in the US, including grizzly bears, bison, and elk.

Stare at the steep slopes or sit amongst wildflowers—the Tetons are a magical place that bridge the gap between imagination and reality.


Top Attractions

The Grand Tetons are a photographer’s paradise. The legendary Ansel Adams made the Snake River Overlook an iconic destination to view the Teton range. You also won’t want to miss the classic view of Mt. Moran’s reflection in the Snake River from Oxbow Bend.

Must-Do Activity

This one’s for all you SUPers out there. After a cruise along its self-titled scenic drive, spend a tranquil day paddleboarding Jenny Lake with unrivaled views of Cascade Canyon. In late summer, a mid-week trip could ensure you get the place to yourself (aside from the occasional shuttle boat).

Off the Beaten Path

Whether you’re seasoned or new to the trail, this park offers breathtaking views and pristine bodies of water throughout. Taggart Lake is an easy, 3-mile out and back hike with some of the best views of the Teton Range. In early summer, you’ll be greeted by wildflowers on the Hermitage Point trail, a moderate 9.5-mile loop that features Swan Lake and the great Jackson Lake.

Insider’s Tip

Safari-style tours are one of the best ways to view wildlife in Grand Teton National Park. Contribute to the preservation of delicate ecosystems while learning about the incredible species that roam this region alongside expert guides.



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