Olympic Gold


Olympic National Park in the Pacific Northwest has a setting that defies belief. It looks like a fairy tale come to life.

Here, you can spend your days in a temperate forest along the Pacific Coast. Searching for sea urchins hiding in tide pools and gray whales surfacing on the horizon. Whoever dreamed up this world knew what they were doing.

From canoeing on Lake Crescent to the hot springs at Sol Duc, great options abound. For anyone looking to truly escape, this is a Pacific paradise.

Kalaloch Lodge offers prime seaside accommodations in a land of unimaginable beauty. It’s no wonder this place brings people back like the tide.


Top Attractions

It's astonishing to walk through the most carefully preserved rainforest in the northern hemisphere. Discover enchanting trails, moss-covered trees and cascading waterfalls in the must-visit Hoh Rain Forest.

Must-Do Activity

Keep your eyes peeled. Gray whales migrate through Olympic National Park, which gives you a firsthand look at these gentle giants. A whale watching tour is a must when visiting, and you might even spot one of the majestic creatures from the beach!

Off the Beaten Path

Explore the wilderness of Olympic National Park with coastal camping at Shi Shi Beach, located on the Makah Reservation. Apply for a wilderness camping permit in up to six months in advance to reserve your spot!

Insider's Tip

Crystal-clear waters give you a glimpse at ocean creatures like sea stars, rock crabs and wolf eels. The best time to go tide pooling in Olympic National Park is when low tide times are below 0. Arrive at least half an hour beforehand and check the tides beforehand. Last but not least, remember to look, don't touch!

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