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The view at the Grand Canyon is extraordinary. So is the impression it will make on you.

Deserts are a barren wasteland? Uh-uh. Here, the desert is alive with condors, Gila monsters, and cacti as far as the eye can see. Along with some of the most otherworldly sunrises and sunsets one could possibly imagine. For hikers, nature-buffs and amateur photographers, this is paradise.

When one takes a close look at these red-hued walls, you’re getting a glimpse at the world as it was eons ago. The Grand Canyon is a staggering place to comprehend. With more than 5 million years of stories to tell, isn’t it about time you wrote yours?


Top Attractions

Grand Canyon National Park is a wonder of nature and President Theodore Roosevelt put it best “...the one great sight which every American should see." Trek through an expansive trail system and take in views of grandeur, make a visit to the Grand Canyon and don’t let Teddy down.

Must-Do Activity

Immerse yourself in the belly of the Grand Canyon itself with a whitewater adventure down the Colorado River. Offering whitewater expeditions ranging from 1 to 18 days (for real!), makes waves and unforgettable memories. Book in advance, as these popular trips sell out months before!

Off the Beaten Path

Give yourself all the time for all the views! The drive to the North Rim is all part of the adventure and it pays dividends when you catch those spectacular sights (from 1,000 ft higher than at the South Rim), impressive trails and a much lighter crowd.

Insider's Tip

Skywalk-ing is the most heart-stopping way to explore the Grand Canyon. Jutting 70 feet out into the rim for insane views, beat the droves of visitors by making this the first stop of your day.

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