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Olympic National Park

Olympic Gold

Olympic National Park in the Pacific Northwest has a setting that defies belief. It looks like a fairy tale come to life.

Here, you can spend your days in a temperate rainforest collecting driftwood on the Pacific shore. Searching for sea urchins hiding in tide pools and gray whales surfacing on the horizon. Whoever dreamed up this world knew what they were doing.

From canoeing on Lake Crescent to the hot springs at Sol Duc, great options abound. For anyone looking to truly escape, this is a Pacific paradise.

Kalaloch Lodge offers prime seaside accommodations in a land of unimaginable beauty. It’s no wonder this place brings people back like the tide.

Ruby Beach

Red sand and rock islands define this unique beach on the southwest coast of the Olympic Peninsula.

Hoh Rainforest

It’s astonishing to walk through the most carefully preserved rainforest in the northern hemisphere.

Hurricane Ridge

This mountainous area was built for hiking and skiing. The views only grow more spectacular the higher you ascend.

Lake Crescent

Created by glaciers and acclaimed by all, this pristine lake is ideal for boats, canoes and kayaks.

Popular Activities

On the coast in Olympic National Park, you’ll experience one-of-a-kind moments that could fill the Pacific.


Step out on to eight different breathtaking beaches, which offer up tide pools, driftwood, and more.

Tide Pooling

Crystal-clear waters give you a glimpse at ocean creatures like sea stars, rock crabs and wolf eels.


Rainforest hike or ocean view? A million acres means countless diverse hiking trails at Olympic National Park.

Whale Watching

Gray whales migrate through Olympic National Park, which gives you a firsthand look at these gentle giants.


Capture some breathtaking photos and all-time moments in Olympic National Park.

Visit Olympic

Olympic National Park is a special place. Ask anyone who has been there. Or find out for yourself.