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Grand Canyon National Park

Carve Out Some Time

The view at the Grand Canyon is extraordinary. So is the impression it will make on you.

Deserts are a barren wasteland? Uh-uh. Here, the desert is alive with bald eagles, Gila monsters and cacti as far as the eye can see. Along with some of the most otherworldly sunrises and sunsets one could possibly imagine. For hikers, nature buffs and amateur photographers, this is paradise.

When one takes a close look at these red-hued walls, you’re getting a glimpse at the world as it was eons ago. The Grand Canyon is a staggering place to comprehend. With more than 5 million years of stories to tell, isn’t it about time you wrote yours?

South Rim

The South Rim is home to many of the Grand Canyon’s most famous hot spots.

Desert View

Swing by Desert View for spectacular views, and a firsthand glimpse of the area’s art, history, and architecture.


Feeling brave? Venture out onto this glass walkway and look straight down to the Canyon floor.

Phantom Ranch

Located at the bottom of the canyon, Phantom Ranch is a popular stop for rim-to-rim hikers.

North Rim

The less-visited North Rim can provide a whole new view of what makes this place so special.

Colorado River

The mighty river that created the massive canyon delights adventurous rafters every year.

Popular Activities

The Grand Canyon inspires grand adventures. Here are some of the best ways to experience this world-famous destination.

Man hiking in Grand Canyon


Whether you’re going rim-to-rim or just for a short stroll, you’ll find world class hiking at the Grand Canyon.

Sight Seeing Grand Canyon


Step up to the edge (carefully!) for outstanding views of this natural wonder.

Multiple people river rafting

River Rafting

The mighty Colorado River promises rafting adventures to rival all others.

Woman taking picture at Grand Canyon


You’ll be amazed at how many “magic hours” occur daily at the Grand Canyon!


Get a sneak peak of the sights and wonders that await you with these outstanding Grand Canyon photos.

Visit Grand Canyon

Ready to experience one of the natural wonders of the world in person? Start planning your trip today.