5 Reasons a Woodland Wedding is a Natural

Woodland Weddings at Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite National Park

Many people spend an excessive number of hours dreaming about what their wedding day might be like – and some more than others. Whether it’s your special day, or your son or daughter’s, every aspect of the day needs to be just right. You want to plan a wedding celebration that suits the couple to a T.

Woodland weddings are a popular trend that has been catching on in recent years. It makes sense. Weddings are a beautiful thing and forests are beautiful places. That is certainly true in one-of-a-kind, natural regions like Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, among others.

But is a ceremony in the woods your kind of thing? Here’s a few reasons it may just be:

#1 The great outdoors provide the perfect, spacious backdrop. When you take a wedding outside, having enough space is never going to be an issue. And that’s good, because no one likes to feel claustrophobic. You can stage a wedding that maximizes the guest list, and you can hold smaller, more intimate gatherings as well. Plus, when your celebration takes place in an cool outdoor setting, you have all the props you need in place to conjure real wedding enchantment. Wildflowers in bloom? Check. Songbirds chirping? Check. Having things outdoors makes the wedding experience magical.

#2 Natural light is a photographer’s BFF. While it’s important to keep the in-laws happy, your wedding photographer is right up there. Any photographer worth their salt would love to shoot a woodland wedding. Being outside will help them capture vivid imagery that will make your wedding photos truly striking. Most indoor photography doesn’t last the test of time, but with towering trees, waterfalls and sunsets as your backdrop, your wedding photos will be forever cherished. Being outside in natural light will give your pics a soft, warm and dimensional feel. There’s a reason photographers love to shoot outdoors – embrace it.

#3 Do you have an affinity for trees, flowers and small forest creatures? Advance to Reason #4.

#4 We’ve all been to countless indoor weddings. And while your standard indoor wedding celebration can work out fine, it doesn’t feel that original. As the Barenaked Ladies said, “It’s all been done before.” That’s not what you want for your wedding. You’re far more interesting than that! And the endless acres that make our national and state parks so special are the perfect cure for ho-hum weddings. Look at these places. You could be there by yourself and you’d have a great time. Now add your spouse to-be, family and closest friends, music and an open bar. It’s a sure-fire good time. 

#5 If you truly love the natural world, this is the time to celebrate it. If your blood runs green, your wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase what is dear to you. Let the people who don’t know a red-bellied woodpecker from a speckled wood lily have their wedding indoors. If you enjoy being outside in the woods hiking and adventuring, a woodland wedding makes all the sense in the world. You’ll have your special day in a place that suits you best. And your guests will gain a greater appreciation for these spectacular natural places.

If you’re at your happiest outdoors, a woodland wedding may be just right for you.

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