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S’morigin Story

Plan a sweet National S’mores Day celebration

S’mores are a staple of any campfire. It’s a simple recipe and a good one. Graham cracker + marshmallow + chocolate. Like cheddar cheese or Van Halen, s’mores make everything better.

But did you know there’s a national day dedicated to s’mores? It takes place on Tuesday, August 10. This is the time to embrace s’mores cakes, pies, dips, truffles and more.

Such as s’mores alcoholic beverages. In fact, a breezy, boozy cocktail called Gimme Gimme S’mores is right on trend these days. Start with a martini glass and add an ounce of Tito’s Handmade Vodka and an ounce of half & half. Then add a half ounce of Baileys Irish Cream, a half ounce of chocolate syrup and a half ounce of Monin Toasted Marshmallow. After shaking and straining, garnish with a quarter ounce of chocolate syrup and a crushed graham cracker rim.

A group of guests roasting S'mores at a fire pit at the Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone in West Yellowstone, MT

Plus, scientific developments have helped s’mores move beyond the campfire. Yes, you can make s’mores without an open fire if you follow NASA’s instructions on the very cool solar-powered s’mores oven. Here’s a great family activity that comes with a delicious payoff. No dangerous fire, no wasteful electricity…just harnessing the power of our local neighborhood star to create everyone’s favorite dessert.

But where did s’mores come from? Good question. We all know who invented the lightbulb (Thomas Edison) and the Macarena (Antonio Romero Monge), but the s’more doesn’t have as clear an answer. Yet Loretta Scott Crew is credited with publishing the first s’mores recipe for a 1927 publication called Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.

At just 92 days, summer always goes far too quickly. So the time is now to pay homage to National S’mores Day with a sticky celebration of your own. After all, s’mores are designed to serve up memories.

S'mores ingredients next to a fire pit at the Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone located in West Yellowstone, MT

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